ATTENTION: Not All Agents Are The Same

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Real estate agents have gotten a bad reputation as “salespeople” who hold selfish interests in your home.

redStairshome Tip 3: With so many real estate agents, how do I choose the right one?

This is the third tip in our series: “12 Tips for Buying Real Estate in Southwest Florida” which is also available as a free eBook at

On the other end of the spectrum, successful and reliable agents, while experts in marketing and sales, are experts in negotiation and advisement when you are selling or buying your home. Knowing what to look for and how to pick an agent will ensure that the process goes seamlessly and quickly.


Many horror stories have circled about agents pushing expensive listings (that yield maximum commission), their own listings, or demanding that buyers make decisions on few options before they are ready to do so.

Real estate agents are a dime a dozen. The most important aspect of the buying or selling process is knowing how to pick the right agent who will keep your best interests in mind.

Make sure that you mesh well with the personality of your agent. You will inevitably spend a lot of time with your agent discussing deals whether you’re buying or selling. Trust must be established with an agent that you get along with before a successful transaction can occur on either side of a deal.

Choose an agent that has experience in selling real estate in general as well as in your desired area. An experienced agent that specializes in one area in particular is usually the first to know about great deals in your desired neighborhood, often before they come onto the market.

In our free eBook 12 Tips for Buying Real Estate in Southwest Florida, we also give you two specific questions to ask your agent that will help you determine if you should hire them or not. Download it today.

If you’re having trouble choosing an agent out of the thousands of real estate agents here in Southwest Florida, Contact us today. A.J. Ackerman & Associates will be happy to answer all your questions.


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