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Creating your Outdoor Oasis

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As the temperatures rise here in Surprise, Arizona, we spend more time outdoors in our pools and our outdoor kitchens.  Having a place to entertain or just enjoy your own family is an important part of your home ownership.

One of the first things you have to decide on, is what kind of entertainment spot you would like to create. Do you want a pool and an outdoor kitchen, or do you want an outside living room area with comfy chairs and table...how about a fire pit for those cool October nights?

It all starts with a vision and then you build off of that.  Secondly, you would have to consider your budget.  Start making a list of things that you would like to have, then start the purchasing process.


  • Outdoor resort/Vacation- Create a vacation atmosphere with a pool, or luscious or tropical plants
  • Waterfall/relaxing-Add a water feature to create that calming effect and nature sounds
  • Patio Hideaway- Add comfy patio furniture, plants and flowers surrounding the perimeter
  • Fire pit- Buy a pre-built Fire pit with nice chairs, or have one built in the ground...experience the outdoors. with marshmallow roast or hot dogs...make the kids feel like they are camping in their own backyards...they will love it! Adult enjoyment with a cup of coffee or maybe a nice glass of wine and nice conversation with your sweetie


  • Furniture- consider what kind of furniture you are buying if it's not going to be under a patio. Make sure to purchase fabric that will withstand the weather. Comfy seating is must have, also add colorful pillows for that extra luxury look.
  • Lighting- Add lighting to the trees and low voltage solar lighting is a nice touch and not real expensive. This creates a great atmosphere in the evening hours
  • Outdoor Kitchen- This is a nice entertaining touch. Add the BBQ, or if you like also add a small refrigerator. A sink is a great feature, so you can rinse off hands and food prep area.
  • Fireplace-Love your experience all year long, by adding the fireplace to enjoy in the fall on those cool nights. Friends and family love to gather around and enjoy story telling and jokes.

Your Arizona home truly expresses your personality.  By creating an outdoor oasis, it can enhance your life experiences and enjoyments at home and take life to another level.  Your home will be the place your friends and family will want to come to for entertainment and family enjoyment.  For you, it will be a place of sanctuary and pride of ownership.

I have created my own outdoors oasis, so if you need any suggestions, please give me a call @602 647-6782 or email me @ spinneo@prorealty3.com