Even if They Don't Complain... Sellers Notice

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I found this blog to be spot on.  All agents can benefit by implementing these ideas in the way they handle their business.  This is the way that the world works. The sooner this is learned the better your business will be. 

Original content by Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog called: "How to Wow Your Seller - The Favorit-est Tips" where I listed the results of a little survey I did following a SWS Teleseminar on the subject of knocking the sox off your seller client so that they'd be delighted to tell everyone they know how awesome you are. 

One of the final comments on the blog was from my friend Charles Stallions who said "Certainly a lot of great points, I often wonder if the sellers forget that their home is even for sale as they never seem to call either to ask what is going on as well."

That got me thinking... and inspired me to re-post a blog I wrote several years back about even if seller isn't asking... he or she is certainly noticing... 

"Even If They Don't Complain... Sellers Notice"

--  If the brochure box is empty... they notice

--  If the brochures still show the original price after two reductions... they notice

--  If their agent doesn't offer to do an Open House ... they notice

--  If no feedback cometh after showings... they notice

--  If the agent doesn't check in at least weekly... they notice

--  If there haven't been any showings in a month... they notice

--  If their agent hasn't updated them on market activity... they notice

--  If their online photos are from two seasons ago... they notice

--  If the only time they hear from their agent is when he calls to ask for a price reduction... they notice

Just because a seller doesn't complain doesn't mean he's happy. And just because he's not complaining to his agent doesn't mean he's keeping quiet elsewhere. Trust me on this. If his agent doesn't seem to care about selling his home... the seller notices.


Here is a short survey about the things a real estate agent can do to make sure his or her seller knows he or she cares! If you have a few minutes.... just click this link to participate - http://survey.constantcontact.com/survey/a07e7km90vrhh7rmfut/start 


The Exceptional Agent Project is Live!   











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