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Sorry, but I am NOT at discount realtor!

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I totally agree with Kimberly. I spend 20 years in this profession, all of my business is repeat clients, and they come back to me becaue of the service I provide. I earn my commissions. Several of my clients are in service related industry - and I would not have the gall to ask them for a discount.

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Let's talk SELLING your home!In the real estate world everything is negotiable, right? Negotiations for a realtor often begin at our initial listing appointments. We negotiate on the listing price, terms of the listing agreement, and of course every seller would just love it if we would negotiate our commission. I for one, am NOT a discount realtor.

I have found that if I inform my sellers during our initial meeting, that I am not a discount realtor, that my services have value, and that if they want to save that half a point on the listing side ,we should just wrap it up right now...they usually really focus and hear me.  Sure I've lost some listings, but I have no regrets about that. If my sellers do not value my expertise ,my marketing strategies, and my time, I suspect they won't value my opinion as offers do or do not come in.  My ultimate goal for my sellers is not to stick another sign in the ground and potentially generate leads off of it, but rather to SELL their property!

So, I'll say it again,  "I am not a discount realtor." I've found that generally you do get what you pay for no matter what it is . There are always exceptions to every rule , but an exception is one thing, while going into a listing appointment ready and expecting to reduce the cost of your services screams, " I'm desperate!  Help me make a sale!" 

Not for me. I truly believe that I am doing my sellers a disservice by short selling my own abilities . I believe I am worth my full commission ...I'll prove it to you, and get your property SOLD here in the Palm Springs Valley!

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Great strategy. Telling clients up-front "I am not a discount realtor" is good business. They need to understand that your services are important and worth the fee. Letting them know in the beginning saves hassles later. Good job!!

Jun 10, 2013 04:13 AM
Your vendor

Ha but yet you constantly ask for discounts from the various vendors you use. Typical real estate agent.

May 18, 2018 02:29 PM