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Are you a smoker and want to sell your home?  If so, good luck.  The stale smoke of tobacco lingers, and is difficult to remove.  Some smokers tell me that they always go outside, but even in these cases, that smoke seems to find its way back into the home, and it's a major turnoff for many buyers.

Here are a few suggestions for nicotine lovers who want to sell their homes:

Quit Smoking.  This dirty, and stinky habit, is a well documented health hazard.  It's also difficult to remove tobacco odors from a home, and even more difficult, if not impossible, when a home seller or renter continues to contribute to the problem.  

Paint. Cigarette smoke often discolors interior paint, but painting the interior walls and ceilings can usually correct this issue.

Windows.  Many tobacco users never even notice the grey discoloration that often occurs when someone is smoking inside a home.  Have the windows professionally cleaned, get the grey out, and attract more buyers to the property.

Carpets.  I'm not a professional carpet cleaner, but some of them may claim to be able to remove tobacco stench with a good carpet cleaning.  My experience, however, is that stale tobacco smoke is often like cat urine odor.  Once it's in a house, it often requires changing the carpets to rid the smell.  

Almost all  homeowners sell AT LEAST one home during their lifetimes, and many other homeowners go through the process as often as avery three -five years.  Bottom line is that even for those who are not planning to sell anytime soon, quitting smoking still makes a lot of sense.  

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