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"Baby, its cold outside!"

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When I got up yesterday morning I felt like I was at the south pole. We live in the country and catch a lot of wind buy it was crazy yesterday. Tempatures of 1 degree with wind chills of 23 below zero. Multi pile ups on the expessways and vehicles in ditches everywere. I was so glad to be inside where it was warm and cozy. But my husband who does a lot of contracting got a call from one of his clients saying what a mess they had. While they were in Florida one of their pipes had burst in the second floor and continued to flood not only the second floor but the first floor and basement area. Nothing like ruining your vacation! I can't stress enough about my buyer's getting a home inspection. Why not catch something beforehand and pay a small fee, compared to spending thousands if something goes wrong. Let alone all the pain and suffering! Every season has its issues, and finding potential problems can work in your favor sometimes in the negotiating stage.

Steve Frody
City2Shore Real Estate - Hudsonville, MI
I say we pack up our friends and family and get out of here.  Who's in?   Steve Frody
Feb 12, 2008 06:14 AM