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The demand for real estate in Sea Isle City, New Jersey is at an all time high, as new people flock to the community in droves. 


Sea Isle City, which is part of the Ocean City area with a growing population a little over two thousand, was founded in the late 1800s by Charles Landis. Sea Isle City has grown a lot over the years. Long known as a tourist town because of its ample beach space, Sea Isle City has also begun attracting wealthy families because of its prime real estate. Originally a small city, Sea Isle City is now a bustling tourist destination during the summer months from May to August. 


Located along the coast, the homes in this town are now constructed much more safely to withstand ocean storms such as hurricanes and nor'-easters. The major result of this is a beautiful line of dunes on the beach, moving back beachfront property by about one block and preserving the natural beauty of the beaches. This has helped encourage the tourism industry in recent years and a mini-boom in the industry has started. The town has even repainted its water tower with the more catchy "Smile, you're in Sea Isle City!" to help attract tourists. There are several historic properties preserved in Sea Isle City from many years in the past, such as the Colonnade Inn, originally constructed in the late 1800s and remodeled over the years several times. It is now a historic building open for tours in downtown. 


Public transportation is easily available in Sea Isle City, with local bus and trolley services available, and public bus transport connecting it to other major area cities such as Manhattan and Philadelphia. Rail transportation is also available in the area, provided by the Atlantic City Railroad and West Jersey City and Seashore Railroad companies. They provide service to a variety of destinations across the northeast. Highway access to the city is available via the interstate. Due to its coastal location, bridges provide most of the local road connections to other places. The trolley system traditionally only operates during the summer months, to facilitate tourist transportation to and from the beach. 


Real estate in Sea Isle City, New Jersey is in high demand, and is available both as beachfront property or in the city proper. Most homes are of very sturdy construction to withstand storms. Condominiums and four bedroom houses are currently the most sought after properties. Land tends to be available in small lots, though larger properties are sometimes available. 


The education system in Sea Isle City was recently changed, with students attending the various schools in the Ocean City school district nearby. This provides a top-notch education with limited travel due to the proximity of Sea Isle City to Ocean City. There are a variety of public, private and preparatory schools available in the Ocean City school district. 


With its close access to a variety of large metropolitan areas, Sea Isle City is within a short trip of destinations such as Philadelphia, Ocean City, Manhattan, and other cities. This provides easy access to great shopping, cultural locations and events. Also, many residents choose to commute to a city for work as well. Sea Isle City is becoming more of a family residence destination now, with families flocking to the area for the beach access and proximity to other cities. 


The local government is run by a mayor and five-person city council, locally elected for short terms to determine local ordinances. This city is rapidly becoming one of the best locations for wealthy individuals to move to on the east coast, with a quickly expanding population and excellent weather.


With all of this, why haven’t you looked at real estate in Sea Isle City as a possible housing option for you and your family. With the abundance of amenities and coastal atmosphere, an investment in Sea Isle City is an investment in your future.


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