9 Easy Steps to Setup a Facebook Page for Your Real Estate Business

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Real Estate is an ever-changing game— today a website alone is not enough. The clients are getting younger and more tech-savvy. To keep up with them, meet them on their level: setup a facebook page for your real estate business. Failing to stay current is one of the biggest reasons why many real estate businesses have fallen behind. Follow these nine easy steps to create a much-needed facebook page for your real estate business:

1) Log in to Facebook

It is highly recommended that you do not create a business-only facebook page. Creating your business page under your original page still affords you the right to manage them jointly. On your personal page you can receive updates about your business page, and quickly transfer back and forth between which account you are posting under.

2) Create the Page

Creating the page is simple; click here to access a user-friendly menu of options. In the upper-left box, click on "Local Business or Place." From there, choose the Real Estate option under the category menu, and then fill in the remaining fields with the information about your business.

3) Describe Your Business

From there, you will now see the following screen:

Under the category section, type "Real Estate." It will prompt you to be more specific, once you type this. Then, write a bit about your Real Estate business - how long have you been in business? How big is your team? Where are you based out of? What are some of your professional successes? At the bottom of the form, link to your company's main website, twitter, yelp, tumblr, and any other sites your business has a presence on. Click "yes" to the bottom question about whether or not this page represents a business. From there, it asks if the runner of this page is the official representative - click "yes" again. Save information and continue on.

4) Upload a Profile Picture

This step is crucial - people are visual creatures, who need to have some type of picture to refer to. You can go the traditional route of uploading the logo of your business, or you can humanize your business by uploading the face or faces of your company.

5) Setup a Custom Facebook URL

You will be prompted to setup a specific URL for your business. Simply type the name of your business into the URL form.

6) Post Content

Nobody wants to like a page that has little to no content. Start writing status updates, posting pictures, etc. long before you invite anybody to like your page. People want to be a part of something that is all ready in motion, and that seems credible.

7) Add a Cover Photo

Adding a cover photo gives you a chance to make a strong first impression with your visitor. Make sure your cover photo is business-relevant, simple, and aesthetically pleasing. Simply click on the "Change cover" option of the cover photo, and upload your photo. From there, you can reposition the photo as needed. As of today's blog publish date the optimal size for your Facebook Business Page cover is 351  pixels wide by 315 pixels tall.  Familiarize yourself with the recent policy updates Facebook has made allowing you to display more information on your cover image for your Facebook Business Page.

8) Like Your Page

You're proud of your page, right? Be the first to like it!

9) Invite People

Now is the part you have been waiting for: getting people to like the page! A good way to start is promoting your new Facebook page on your personal Facebook page. Your friends will support your endeavors, and this establishes a good base of people to give life to your page in its fledgling state.

Comments (2)

Jenn Morson
Metro Referrals - Crofton, MD
Licensed Referral Agent and ASP - Team Woda

It really is this easy - I got many likes my first day out, and even some friends of friends. Good advice for realtors.

Jun 13, 2013 08:22 AM
Dennis Vaughn
Quantum Leads - Destin, FL
Quantum Leads

Thanks Jenn for reinforcing how easy it is to do! It really is a necessity these days for businesses to have a solid Facebook presence— Especially with the New Graph Search release Facebook did to maximize your exposure.

Jun 13, 2013 09:49 PM