Two Top Police Officers Leave Newton Police Dept.

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According to Deirdre Fernandes, writer for the Globe, the top two lieutenants in the Newton Police Department unexpectedly left their offices this week.

On Wednesday morning, Newton Police Chief Howard Mintz found two letters on his desk from Edward Aucoin, head of the department’s internal affairs office, and Hugh Downing, chief executive officer. The letters claimed the officers will be using their accrued time off.

Mintz, who recently became chief, has been implementing a 40-day review of the department and making suggestions for changes. Among those changes, Aucoin and Downing are to move out of their current department and into the patrol officer's pay structure. Although it is not clear whether they will be making less money, Aucoin and Downing currently make $130,163 and $118,148 respectively.

Additionally, the police officers have recently been a part of a controversial investigation into a former chief's secretary. The secretary, Jeanne Sweeney Mooney was accused of stealing an envelope containing $250 worth of police permit fees. The officers testified against her. However, last month, a jury acquited Mooney. Since then, Mooney has filed a complaint against the city claiming, "the mayor and several Police Department employees violated her privacy rights and illegally retaliated against her for speaking out."

Mintz claims his suggested changes for demotion of the officers is not connected to Mooney's case. According to the article, Mintz claims he has been supportive of both individuals, but "there are changes to be made."


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