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Of late I have noticed an ever increasing number of solicitations from every self appointed Real Estate Guru offering "OPPORTUNITIES" to increase my success in this slow and precarious market.  Now it may be just me and perhaps I am a bit jaded after having spent nearly 15 years in Real Estate.  Along with having attended many sales seminars and workshops with such well know super stars as Zeigler, Ferry, Cooper and others over the past 25 years. Regardless of this exposure I have endeavored to keep an open mind about all the folks who want to help me through their countless solicitations. 

Why I've even looked at much of the hype and assorted marketing approaches these "Latest and Greatest" spinners of "How To INCREASE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY" through buying my program, attending my seminar, applying my strategies and paying me a fee for a proven method that guarantees results to increase my sales, listings, shoe size and desirability by 100% within the life time of the Galapagos Tortoise. And you know what?  They haven't reinvented the wheel, the telephone, internet, radio, T.V. or any other item which one must use in marketing the product we call Real Estate!  Wow, was that as big a shock to you as it was to me?  All these promises to make me better than I am and not one has anything but a new and improved slick and glossy cover on the old tried and true approaches to SELLING!

Don't get me wrong, we all need the occasional refresher and if you are new to the business well you truly need all the helpful hints you can get.   But it seems to me that the best source  in your market are your peers or if things are so competitive you at least attend to what they are doing and then either adapt it to your needs or go in another direction.  I understand that there are those of us who lack the ability to think for themselves resulting in them falling into the clutches of the gurus.  But isn't it funny that when business goes south the self proclaimed know it alls come out.  Trolling the waters for the weak and vulnerable from which they gain their livelihood.  I realize that this brief commentary may draw the ire of some but it is just an observation based upon a review of my junk mail file: A review that that lead me to draw my personal conclusions.

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Social Media, Email Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Specialist
PCS Online Solutions - Del Mar, CA
Good post Michael -- Yes, I have noticed them  too. I'm sorry to say but there aren't really any tricks. The basics still apply -- hard word, contacts, good followup and working hard for your client.
Feb 12, 2008 01:04 AM
Michael Roberts
Real Estate Professionals of Glynn - Saint Simons Island, GA
Paul, you sound like me... guess we are both definitely old school.... but if it works... it works.... Have a Grreat Day
Feb 12, 2008 01:41 AM
Melissa Grant
A Serendipity World - Greenbackville, VA
The Law of Attraction In Life & Business
I ditto Paul ! Back to basics and it all comes together ! Great post !
Feb 12, 2008 01:49 AM
Marvin Thomas
Allegiance Mortgage Corparation - Fayetteville, NC
Michael, great post.  I think that whatever system you use.  You have to use it, whether it is automated or paper.  In our industry, top of mind awareness still applies.  I still do personal visits, phone calls, monthly letters, emails and so on the continue to communicate with my data base of current and pass customers, and clients. 
Feb 12, 2008 01:54 AM