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Anyone that knows me knows that I am very bullish on the idea of small companies and individuals using the internet to compete with companies of any size - the great thing is that  on the internet everyone has the same amount of monitor screen size as everyone else....

 What the smaller companies are lacking however is internet location - a good descriptive domain name.

Most of the good domain names have been registered so people are left to either a second tier extension .net, .biz and the rest or they will use a non-descriptive name like their own name or company name.

The development of your own permanent domain name is important , you don't want to build your internet presence inside of a corporate website.  The company can go under, be sold or most likely you will leave the company and have to start all over. By all means get your own domain name and build your own permament home on the web.

But having your own web site does nothing for your true internet location 

Suppose you are  an Atlanta realtor named Sue Jones. You registered suejones.com and have developed a nice web site.  This is only half of the solution - you now need a better internet location - suejones.com is on the backstreets and she wants to be at the corner of first and main on the internet for our business.

The best web address for Sue is AtlantaRealEstate.com but it is registered.  However with a new company called LeaseThis.com Sue can now lease or rent AtlantaRealEstate.com and send the traffic to SueJones.com


Now people that type in AtlantaRealEstate.com see SueJones.com.  Sue has moved from the back alley to main street.  

  • People relocating to Atlanta will find SueJones.com
  • Sue will get the calls, emails and leads that she would have never been able to get. 
  • List with Sue she will get your home on the front page of AtlantaRealEstate.com
  • Advertise on the radio or billboard  -  AtlantaRealEstate.com is a name they will remember
  • It perfectly describes her business - Sue is Atlanta Real Estate
  • Instant credibility - she must be good with that domain name - she is a "player" 
  • Positive ROI - how many extra deals per year does she need to do  cover her costs? 1 or 2

LeaseThis.com just launched and Real Estate is the first  category they are leasing. There are hundreds of great real estate domains available for rent  - so grab yours before your competitor does.


See HollywoodRealEstate.com as an example







David Spencer
Keller Williams Northland - Kansas City, MO
Show Me real estate in Kansas City
That is nice information to have. I am going to do some more investigation. Thanks for the post.
Jan 23, 2007 03:26 AM
Bob Sloop, Consultant, Indianapolis, IN
RS Mortgage Consulting - Indianapolis, IN
Again nice post, great info, thanks , Bob
Jan 23, 2007 12:10 PM