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There are 5 moves that you don't want to do to your credit.  We all know that we should make our payments on time but there are other ways to lower your credit score.  If you have any questions about credit please feel free to contact me,

mistakeDON'T CLOSE A CARD WITH A BALANCE.  When you close your card the credit limit is Zero.  Even if you have a small balance it looks like your card is maxed out.

DON'T CLOSE THE CREDIT CARD WITH LONGEST HISTORY.  the longer your good credit history the better your credit score is going to me.

IF YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CREDIT CARD DON'T CLOSE IT. That is great if you don't use it or need it. But, if you close your only credit card you will not have a credit card for your credit history.

IF YOU HAVE A CREDIT CARD WITHOUT A BALANCE AND HAVE BALANCES ON OTHER CREDIT CARDS DON'T CLOSE THAT CARD.  If you close a credit card without a balance you will reduce your available credit and increase your credit utilization and lower your score.

DON'T CLOSE A CREDIT CARD WITH GREAT TERMS.  It may make sense to use a credit card to make purchases and pay them off each month.  Does your credit card offer cash back, points, miles, extended warranties.  Depending on your card, it could be better to use that card and pay it off each month.


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