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  It’s that time again—Thursday afternoon—and you’re asking yourself, “Man, what am I going to do this weekend?” Mario Carey Realty is here to give you the weekend To-Do’s. Of course we all know what’s going down tonight on NBC, ESPN, and ABC—Spurs verse Miami in the NBA final!!! Now, I don’t know who you are pulling for, but here in the office we have taken a poll and the results are: 9 people for Miami and 3 for Spurs! LET’S GO MIAMI!


            On Friday night the 170million dollar movie, World War Z, comes out. This might not be the typical date night movie, but switch it up a little.  Watch some amazing actors, zombies, and serious action! Now, for the guys, this is the perfect movie for your night out. Grab a couple beers at the new Pirate Pub down town, and then head to Galleria to catch World War Z.


            All right, now for Saturday, before everyone gears up for their night on the town, or a night in to watch movies, let’s do our good deed of the week and support The Bahamas Humane Society (BHS) and The Bahamas Down Syndrome Association. The Meah Foundation Music Festival will be hosted at Van Breugel’s on Charlotte Street. Performing artists include: The Band Quartzz, The Rum Dums, and Johnnie Christie & Floating Boats. Tickets are 100$ and include delicious food, drinks (soft and alcoholic), music, and fun! All proceeds go to BHS and the Down Syndrome Association. For more information visit:


            Sunday is looking beautiful everyone. With the warm, sunny weather, it will be a great day to hit the beach, do some diving, go fishing, or be outside in general. Monday is the first day of The Bahamas Humane Society’s 2013 Summer Camp. Ages range from 6-13 and the times are from 9am-12pm. For more information on the camp or BHS membership visit:
. Have a great weekend, be safe, and take care from Mario Carey Realty.

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