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Tenant Smoking in Your Rental? Prevalent Cat Pee? Room Shocker Works

Reblogger Tom Bailey
Real Estate Agent with Margaret Rudd & Associates Inc.

This post form Kevin Mackessy describes what sounds like a miracle product. Has anyone tried it? I would love to hear from anyone who has used it.

Original content by Kevin Mackessy RE License # 039425


At Blue Olive Properties we strive to provide the best quality rentals we can manage and we specialize in Denver property management. Occasionally, we take on a new rental property, or have one of our existing properties, which manifests severe odor issues. So now what? Forget expensive cleaning solutions or major painting jobs, or tearing out serviceable carpet. Biocide Systems has a convenient, cost-effective solution for landlords and property managers. And it works.

Room Shocker is the product name, Biocide Systems is the company, and whether the offending odor was caused by cigarette smoke, pets, mold, mildew, bacteria, paint, spoiled food, vomit, urine, or any other nasty organic or chemical compounds, Room Shocker gives property managers and owners the solution.

We recently placed a new property on the rental market which had several cats as house guests. After a full cleaning by our staff and a superb carpet cleaning by our vendor, M&M Carpets, the house still had a discernible pet odor. House Shocker to the rescue. After only one treatment, the house came out completely odor free, and the owners were ecstatic. (The property managers out there know how rare that can be!)

So how does this magic elixir work you ask? Room Shocker actually hygienically deodorizes and eliminates odors in 4-12 hours depending on the severity of the problem. The product is completely safe, non-toxic, leaves no harmful residue, and is also non-carcinogenic. It is eco-friendly, non-aerosol and 100% biodegradable, and releases no VOCs or carcinogens into the environment. The product leaves absolutely no carbon footprint and is as eco-friendly as they come.

According to Kevin Mackessy, Broker/Owner of Blue Olive Properties, "We can't say enough about the product. And we are not trying to sound like a commercial, but we have found Room Shocker is cheaper, stronger and safer to use than ozone machines or any other odor elimination product on the market. This product has saved our owners thousands of dollars in repairs. All of our rentals are treated before we put them on the market, and we don't see turned-up noses during our showings anymore. We can't say enough about the product or Biocide Systems. We highly recommend this company and their products."


For the technical and curious of you out there, the main ingredient of Room Shocker is chlorine dioxide (CI02), which is an oxidizing agent that removes electrons from reactive molecules. Wow. Sounds like a line from Big Bang Theory, right? Maybe so, but it works. CI02 neutralizes and eliminates odors, acts as bleach, and breaks the cell wall of microorganisms. It also kills bacteria, virus, fungus and spores. Nice huh? CI02 is used as a disinfectant in municipal water supplies, and on fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood.

Until recently, CI02 was not available for small-scale use, mostly because the gas must be generated at the point of use, and it could not be easily transported. Biocide Systems solved those issues. The company also sells Auto Shocker, which can be used to freshen car interiors. All their products are 100% made in the good old USA too.

So next time you run across a stinker of a property, don't throw a fit and start wasting money on expensive repairs and treatments, grab a Room Shocker. Solve the problem effortlessly, and be a hero to your property owners, investors and tenants.



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