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One thing we can be sure of in this life is; it will change…….


Transition is a word that has been very much in my vocabulary for several years now. I transitioned from a gym manager/mom, into a Realtor in 2004! I then transitioned into a caregiver for several years, making my family my priority. Then my transition was one of a more personal nature, I transitioned from being somewhat disconnected to life and God into being extremely connected and grounded with both.

So you see I am familiar with transition and what it can mean to my life. I am comfortable with change. That is a good thing. Some of us feel change is a bad thing…not me! Some of us become uncomfortable when thinking about having to make career (or any kind of life) changes. Not me!

I have come to realize that we all must evolve and change or our lives will become stagnant, not flowing or moving, never getting anywhere….at least not happily.

I welcome the changes occurring in my life at this time! Just as I welcomed the changes over the last few years. I will say back in 2008 I was not so welcoming to those changes! I wanted what I wanted (to practice real estate) and that was that! When life handed me something other than what I wanted, I was none too happy! Now I try to just go with the changes. I try to be grateful for each moment, each situation, and the people who come and go in my life.

Change is good. Transition is good.

I welcome the opportunity to explore Real Estate again and to write! Wow….to get to do both! This is a dream come true! Today my gratitude flows from this opportunity!

So I await my book! I await my new Brokers license! And I welcome what the future will bring!

**Ya know what this means? When I am ready to open my retreat center I can broker the deal myself! Ha!

So I find it funny that the course I have to take (to get my real estate career back on track) is a “transition” course! ha!

And it is a good thing!

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