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Open Houses are a great way to gain exposure on your seller listing.  During your open house, you are gaining prospective buyers for your seller’s property or potential clients for future home buying.  Meanwhile prospects are receiving information about the property in order to narrow down their search about the type of home they are interested in. 

Prospective buyers sometimes use open houses as one source in their home search others rely on the internet.  Some agents may agree or disagree with open houses and may consider them a waste of time.  I believe an open house is a great opportunity for new agents to gain exposure and get a feel for the Real Estate business.

If or when you decide you would like to have an open house, keep in mind that you also need to take safety measures.  Below are a few tips for a safe, productive and great open house:

1.    Never conduct an open house alone

2.    Staging the sellers property is always a good idea

3.    Provide a sign in sheet so all visitors can sign in

4.    Always remember to inform visitors that you represent the seller.(VERY IMPORTANT)

5.  Provide flyers/brochures that give information about the listing.  That way people do not have to guess about the property and can share the information with    

     others that may be interested.

6.    Catering the event is always a nice idea

7.    Provide Promotional items(everyone loves a gift)

8.    Notify your office of your date, time, and location of the open house for safety reasons.

9.    Put up signs so visitors can find the home easily.

10. Develop a follow up sheet in which prospects can complete and provide you feedback.

11. Be sure to advertise your open house (i.e., website, flyers, social networking etc.)

These are just some tips/suggestions to consider for conducting your open house. 

Happy Selling!


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Comments (4)

Kevin Mackessy
Blue Olive Properties, LLC - Highlands Ranch, CO
Dedicated. Qualified. Local.

Good list of tips.  Everyone conducting an open house should pay attention to some of these tips.  

Jun 22, 2013 08:02 AM
Tamara and Gary James
Exit Elite Realty - Lanham, MD
The James Team
Thanks Kevin for your response. When I first started in real estate I was fortunate to receive two listings from my broker to conduct open houses. I gained some insight and learned by trial and error.
Jun 22, 2013 08:14 AM
Patrick White
Home Driven Realty, Inc - Baldwin, NY
Driven to bring New Yorkers home

Good Evening Tamara and Gary


Thanks for the post and excellent open house tips. Have a great weekend

Jun 22, 2013 08:41 AM
Tamara and Gary James
Exit Elite Realty - Lanham, MD
The James Team
Hi Patrick- You are welcome. I hope these tips are beneficial to you.
Jun 22, 2013 08:48 AM