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About Stuart Fla cost of living

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Stuart, Ft Pierce, Port St Lucie and Martin County Cost of Living

The cost of living index is based on the composite price of groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, health care, clothing and entertainment.

Cost of living indexes will generally be higher in areas that offer access to beaches, culture, arts and recreation. In addition areas, that offer a wider variety of services such as health and education will run higher due to higher wages, and increased quality of living.

Cost of living indexing explanation
A figure of 100 points is used as an average both for the USA and Florida. For example:
Boise Idaho is ranked at a 99
Boston Mass is rated at 240
San Francisco at 217
Statewide, Florida cities come in from a low of 90 and up.
One way to compare Florida areas to salary requirements
For example-If you were relocating from Portland Oregon (whose rate 1s 120) to Orlando, and you currently make $50,000 per year, the formula is as follows
Take the destination index, in this case Orlando-104.2 and divide by Portland’s index-120, then multiply by a salary of $50,000. This will give you a figure of $43,416.00 which would be required to make in Orlando to have the same quality of life.
See comparable Florida statewide
* Re cost of living--in some areas Real Estate has went up dramatically however costs that factor in such as food, transportation, rents etc have not increased at the same rate-so in some areas, even though housing is expensive, the overall rating may still be low
2006 Fourth quarter stats per ACCRA and Council for Community Economic Research

Cape Coral-Ft Myers-108.0
Ft Lauderdale-117.0
Fort Walton-Destin-97.3
Jacksonville metro-96.3
Miami metro-115.0
Orlando metro-104.2
Palm Coast-Flagler-98.5
Panama City-96.6
Pensacola metro-96.0
Tampa 98.5
St Pete-Clearwater-99.9
Vero-Beach Indian River-103.4
West Palm Beach metro-117.5
(Population Weighted-State Average=100
See national comparisons
Cost of living (100 = nationwide average)

(Population Weighted-State Average=100
See national comparisons
Cost of living (100 = nationwide average)

* New York, NY 364
* Long Beach, NY 340
* Palo Alto, CA 268
* Menlo Park, CA 265
* Los Altos, CA 261
* Saratoga, CA 261
* Boston, MA 240
* Malibu, CA 233
* San Francisco, 217
* Greenwich, CT 215
* Cambridge, MA 211
* Santa Monica, CA 197
* Keystone, CO 194
* San Rafael, CA 192
* Weston, CT 192
* Darien, CT 192
* Wellesley, MA 192
* Fort Lee, NJ 189
* Arlington, VA 184
* Honolulu, HI 184
* Washington, DC 181
* Princeton, NJ 180
* Vail, CO 178
* Chicago, IL 166
* Sunnyvale, CA 164
* San Mateo, CA 163
* Marathon, FL 161
* Ridgewood, NJ 159
* Mystic, CT 159

For more information about cost of living go to Accra's site at http://www.coli.org

The cost of living across the city areas in Florida's Treasure Coast averaged only 98% of the national average or 20th in the state of Florida, With housing, Real Estate prices substantially below the national average,
Stuart and Martin County is a great place to live, work and play.

Ad Valorem Millage Rates (2004):  
Government 5.6020
Schools 7.5920
Special 1.0692
Total  14.2632
Ad Valorem Tax Exemption: Yes
Retail Sales Tax (Local Option) 0.0
Local Communications Service Tax 1.8
As of 2004, the total Cost of living index was 99.82
Above stats from http://www.eflorida.com/profiles/CountyReport.asp?CountyID=67&Display=allSee For more information about cost of living stats go to http://www.coli.org

Housing. Minimum two bedroom single family homes in Martin/St Lucie Counties.
As of August 2005, the median sold price is $267,600
For water and sewer go to
Indiantown Company
City of Stuart Water Dept.
Martin County Utilities & Solid Waste Dept.
South Martin Regional Utilities
Hobe Sound Water Company
Hydratech Utilitie
For electric go to Florida Power & Light
 Gas Companies:
TECO/People's Gas
Tri-County Gas   
Martin County Petroleum & Propane
In conclusion, with the recreational and job opportunities and the quality of life, mixed in with low housing costs, the Treasure Coast is a great option.

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