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3 Questions You Must Answer - to market yourself on the internet

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There are so many websites that a potential client can use to research products.  Anything from tennis shoes to Homes can be researched and purchased on line.  Before selling your site and getting your name in on the internet, consider these three questions from Grantasticdesigns.

1.  Why should I visit your website?

The #1 reason people visit websites is for information.  This, if you provide information for people such as free marketing tips, a how-to-section, or tips for buying your product or service, you have given a benefit for visiting your site.

2. Why should I return to your website?

People usually won't buy from you until they visit your site 4-5 times!  So you should give them a reason to return to your site.  Updating listings or market information, timely how-to-tips, or a real estate demo are good reasons for people to return to your site or maybe even bookmark it.

 3.  What separates you from your competition?

Here is the million dollar question.  It is to often that we hear a person say that they are the *best* at something, but cannot back it up with customer testimonials or data.  Even more amazing is when a person has no unique selling proposition and is unable to answer this question.


Answer these three questions from the point of view of your target audience and watch your sales soar!


Karel Rogers
Real Estate Staging Unlimited - Reno, NV

If nobody's reading your website what good is it...

Feb 12, 2008 07:44 AM
Dean Makela
Windermere Real Estate - Maple Valley, WA
Realtor - Maple Valley

"If nobody's reading your website what good is it..."

A response;  Developing momentum takes time and commitment.  I assume by the comment that the commentor has had a difficult time generating website traffic and or hits.  Some suggestions for you should you wish to visit this area again.

- start with a small group of people who share a common interest.  Contact them via email and have them visit your site and offer feedback on whats good or bad.  Public feedback is better than via email, so allow them to post comments.

- verify your tracking system and use it to justify your content.  And ADD CONTENT often so those who are visiting your site keep returning.

-  go to outside sources to find additional content.

- get your site linked to other sites.

 Keep working on your content, and people will visit your site.  Don't expect 1000's of subscribers overnight.

Feb 19, 2008 10:58 AM