Just Another Dolphin Sighting in St Croix, USVI

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There is absolutely NOTHING that will get me moving faster than seeing a sleek grey fin come out of the water in front of my condo.  Thisy3BtqNXbGNxwZ3wEU7gG2EF8_kl9r12p8SZY1DrvjBE morning around 7:00 a.m., as I was still half-asleep and stumbling toward the kitchen to make coffee, I saw that familiar site just feet from the shore right in front of my condo.  Talk about springing into action!!!  Like a mad woman I was grabbing bathing suit tops and bottoms (never mind that they didn’t come close to matching) and heading for the door.  I keep my fins and snorkel right by my door for just such an occasion, so I was off and running and in the water within about 2 minutes of seeing them!   I swam like my life depended on it, but today, I didn’t catch up with them.  I have, several times in the past, but not today.  Oh well, it sure got my blood pumping, and I did see a turtle, a ray, and a zillion fish!  I even found some pottery and a nice, large piece of light blue sea glass – so not a bad start to a Tuesday!  And all before 8:00 a.m.!   I still have not had any coffee, but with all that excitement, not sure I need any!

Swimming with dolphins in the wild is a peak experience, and many of us here in St Croix have had the pleasure of doing that on more than one occasion.  There’s just nothing that compares to interacting with these animals in the wild, seeing their curiosity and playfulness, friendliness and intelligence.  Making eye contact with these creatures will absolutely change your life!

Living in a place that provides this kind of opportunity on a daily basis is just a fantastic way to live.  I absolutely love that I can swim any time of the year and have these kinds of experiences.  I love that I never have to be cold or wear bulky clothes.  I love that I get to breathe NATURAL air day and night, whether inside or outside.  And I love living around other people who also love these things.

In short, I LOVE my life, and I LOVE St Croix…..

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