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“A short sale is when you sell your house for less than what you owe on your mortgage. The bank agrees to accept the money you sell your house for―even though the amount is less than what is owed―and still consider your mortgage (or a portion) as paid off.”

Some benefits of a short sale include:

Paying off your mortgage for less than what you currently owe.

Listing your home at a competitive price so it can sell more quickly.

Avoiding foreclosure.


Are you eligible for a short sale?

A short sale may be a good option for if:

You're willing to sell your home so you can move on and make a fresh start.

Your mortgage is "under water", meaning you owe more than home is worth.

You're experiencing a long-term hardship.

You're behind on your mortgage payments.

You haven't qualified for a mortgage modification.





The Next steps...

Call your mortgage company to see if a short sale can work given your situation. To save time, gather this information before you call:

Your mortgage statement and other information on any other lien(s).

Copies of your 2 most recent pay stubs showing your year-to-date earnings.

Self-employed / independent contractor, most recent Year-to-Date P&L statement.

Most recent 2 checking, savings, mutual funds, stock and bond statements.

Most recent 2 tax returns.


Prepare to explain your financial situation and make 100% sure your financial afidavit has been reviewed by a qualified professional.  Otherwise, you may wrongfully eliminate yourself from the chance at receiving a short sale approval!  



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