ActiveRain Product Reviews Newsletter - 06-15-2013

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Since we're real estate professionals, not photographers, finding a way to make a ho-hum photo look spectacular, without spending a lot of money and effort, is the goal for many of us. Find out what your peers have found successful!

Who could resist a product that "passes the Pat Test?" Patricia Kennedy gives her approval. Have you used this site to edit photos for your blog? Tell us how it went for you.

Do you solely use Picassa as a Google juice play? Share you experience with us! 
In two weeks we will share your reviews for real estate business products. Get your name in lights by reviewing your best or worst of them!  
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Be the first to review Adobe Photoshop.

Have you used PicMonkey?
Tip the Scales
Ribbet, the proud replacement site to Picnik, is getting a lot of love! "A Terrific Photo Editing Tool for Everyone and FREE" says Kristin Hamilton. What do you think of Ribbet?
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