4th of July Fireworks at Fun Junction, Fayetteville GA?

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4th of July fireworks at Fun Junction in Fayetteville GA?

I'm a little disappointed. Last summer I watched the fireworks at DixieLand Fun Park (now Fun Junction). This venue was dear to my heart, partially because it was so near to my house and allowed me to enjoy the fun without having to fight  traffic.US flag

I don't know if I will have the pleasure this year, though. The park has a new name and new management now.

4th of July at DixieLand Fun Park in the past was an annual opportunity for good, clean family fun (no alcohol allowed) mixed with community involvement and the joy of giving. The price of admission was canned goods to be distributed to local food banks. Everyone felt good about the festivity and the philanthropy -- it mirrored the spirit of the best in American nationalism.

And of course, the fireworks were fantastic. What’s the 4th of July without them?


But there's been a major change to the venue formerly beloved by local residents. I couldn’t find any plans for a 4th of July on the new Fun Junction website. It seems this would have been a perfect opportunity to kick off the new season and gain the trust of the Fayetteville community.

I hope I just missed the news and the plans for an Independence Day Party are actually in the works. I’ll keep my eyes open for any announcement, and keep you informed as well.

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