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Are you a Non-Bahamian resident and own beautiful property in The Bahamas? If you are, the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) is willing to offer you another smart, convenient, source of credit, and provide you with additional funding for investments, and liquidity needs. Sounds interesting, right? How does it work you might ask? Mario Carey Realty is here to explain, and we offer numerous luxury homes throughout the Bahamas that will open the doors to UBS’ offers.

If you own a property worth 2 million US dollars or more, UBS allows you to borrow up to 50% of the current appraised market value of this property. This loan comes in the form of an uncommitted, short-term advance. Let me give you an example. You are from England and own a property worth 10 million dollars; hypothetically you could own this property— Maybe you want to invest in a boating business, and need a loan of 5 million dollars to get you started. UBS is the place to go. You can use your 10 million dollar property as security for a loan of 5 million US dollars.


The loans UBS provide are not given out strictly for investment use either! UBS is flexible. You and your family can use the loan proceeds as you see fit. But, in the case you want to invest, UBS is also there to give you world-class investment advice and help you build a personal, customized financing plan. The combination of UBS’ Real Estate Collateralized Loan offers with Mario Carey Realty’s expertise in luxury real estate, provides you endless opportunity. Invest in a house. Tap into the value of that house. Take advantage of this offshore location. Achieve your financial goal. Flourish.

For more information on properties or UBS Real Estate Collateralized Loans, contact Mario Carey Realty at Tel: 242.677.8255 | US Tel: 954.773.8256 | Fax: 242.677.8256 or

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