Shared Water Wells

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The house I'm considering purchasing has a shared well, what does this mean?

Occasionally our office receives a call about shared water wells.   Some of the calls are about a real estate transfer and some are just general inquiries.   A shared well, by definition, is a water well that services more than one residence for either residential or irrigation purposes.   Shared wells can service two or more homes, but typically over 4 homes would classify the system as a community water system.   This also depends on state regulatory statutes.   
There are several things to take into consideration when sharing a water well.   
  • Does the system have a shared well agreement?
  • What are the monthly operating costs of the system? 
  • Are contingencies built in for repairs, remediation, maintenance and water quality testing?
  • Are there system usage restrictions? 

Those are just a few of the things to consider with shared water wells.   At Northeast Water Wells we deter our clients from shared well systems, especially ones without formal Shared Well System Agreements.   

There are several concerns when sharing a well to take into consideratio
The Water Systems Council has compiled a wonderful resource for understanding Shared Water Well systems :
Along with this fantastic resource for drafting a shared water well system agreement:


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