Dear Buyer for $250K

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Dear Buyer:

I know you have been just as excited as I am about how prices have come down into "affordable" range in Temecula Valley.  Did you get your pre-qualification completed with the lender?  I'm touching base to see if we are still on to look at property this weekend.  Better yet, can you take a day off during the week so we can look at homes?  Retail prices are on the weekend and wholesale prices during the week.  This is because most buyers are out on the weekends and your offer gets stacked on top of everyone else's.  And more than likely you're going to be purchasing a bank owned property, and they don't work or accept offers until Monday morning. 

Check this out!!!  I had an interesting scenario today that was pretty incredible.  I was out today with a buyer in your price range- up to $250K maximum, they preferred even lower price if possible.  We wrote an offer on a house I thought was nice, but certainly not extremely desireable only to find out another offer had just been accepted on the property which only was listed for seven days!!

Well, not wanting this to dampen our mood, I decided to call on their second and third choices.  Second choice had three offers in on it already and third choice had five offers in already.   I only want to let you know this so that you realize we need to be ready to write an offer if we find "the one".  Be sure to bring your checkbook with you over the weekend! 

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Susan Manning

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