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I am always amazed at the wonders of Mother Nature.  How would you like to sit on the balcony of your home and observe beautiful sea turtles emerge from the sea? Wouldn’t you like to watch them wonder onto your beach and entrust their eggs—their precious, soon to be born, babies—to the sands? Then you could sit on that same balcony and witness those very eggs come to life, crack open, and produce baby turtles. These turtles might share something in common with you—they are ready for a new life of adventure in the gorgeous turquoise, royal blue waters of the Bahamas’ Atlantic Ocean.

You and I can only imagine how incredible it would be to witness hundreds of turtles scurrying in the sand in anticipation of their ocean niche. What we don’t need to imagine is how it feels to walk in that very fine, white sand, along the edge of the sea, hearing the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore. Peace is the feeling that comes to my soul.


By owning a peace of paradise in Royal Beach Estates, you have the ability to experience that peace, those waves, and the pristine sand. Royal Beach Estates is located on the southwest end of New Providence. This part of the island is tucked away from Nassau’s hustle and bustle. Come see for yourself; come visit Royall Beach Estates and make your own decision. Maybe this will be your dream property: For more information, contact Dana Pinder at 242-376-2880 or

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