Housing Market Recovery Gaining Momentum

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Housing Market Recovery Gaining Momentum

The housing market is showing signs of continuing recovery with home prices jumping 12.2% in May from last year, with Florida demonstrating an 11.1% increase in the past year and a 7.5% increase in the past three months alone, according to an article posted in The Miami Herald. 

In the same article, 48 states reported an increase in home prices, with the exception of Delaware and Alabama, and a 2.6% increase from April to May of this year.

The increase in home prices provides the perfect opportunity for senior homeowners to invest in a reverse mortgage program to insure a peaceful retirement, free of financial burdens and economic instability. The amount you may borrow during a reverse mortgage program depends on several factors the current value of your home, your age and the expected interest rates.

The HIGHER your home is worth, the OLDER you are and the LOWER the expected interest rate is, the more money you can potentially receive with your reverse mortgage. 

It's crucial not to waitWith the housing market heading toward a speedy recovery and the expected interest rate the currently hovering at 5.00%, the only thing missing is YOU.

***Once the expected rate is above 5.06%, the percentage of money your receive drops drastically.***

At PS Financial Services, we take advantage of every opportunity to better serve you. A reverse mortgage may be just the thing you've been looking for, so why wait? The housing market's recovery is gaining momentum so don't get left behind! As a Florida company specialized in reverse mortgages, we offer the best service for all our clients. Give us call at (888) 845-6630 or click here to begin your journey to financial security.

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