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Olympians' co op, condo and apartment inspection 718-833-1252


Why should I obtain a condominium, co-op or apartment inspection?


          There are many reasons why you should make an appointment for a condominium, co-op or apartment inspection. The inspector looks for imperfections, undesirables and defects in the condominium, co-op or apartment. The condominium, co-op or apartment inspection will include the necessary report completed and delivered in a timely manner.

            During a condominium, co-op and apartment inspection the inspector makes a note of different things like poor sheet rock taping, the quality of workmanship, checks the paint job for quality and completion, checks the intercom system, checks the cabinet installations and stability... also windows, window panes and their stability. Lastly the inspector checks the bathroom for proper installation of all facilities as well as other imperfections such as missing tiles, grout, caulk, leaks in and around the bathroom, kitchen and other areas within the condominium, co-op or apartment.  Additionally, a check for electrical voltage loss, correct wiring and other safety issues as well as checking hardwood flooring for acceptable condition and installation.

            Along with the actual condominium, co-op or apartment inspection, the customer also receives a very thorough written report. Usually, a sponsor or developer of a condominium or co-op will expect such reports and develop a punch list so that the repairs can be addressed immediately and prior to any closing.

            Many potential purchasers often assume that a one-year warranty and/or the fact that a New York City inspector conducted an inspection, that they don't need there own done. This is simply not the case. City inspections, appraisals and warranties do not inspect every "nook and cranny". With your own inspection you will see for yourself the difference.

            Typically people feel that a condo, co-op or apartment inspection is important for new constructions only, this is untrue, condo, co-op and apartment inspections are just as important in an old development or building. In older condo and co op buildings the inspector attempts to further inspect building components of major importance including brick facades, structural walls, foundation,  roofing systems as well as other areas. Nothing is perfect; there are always things the inspector will have to report. It is important to receive a condominium, co-op, or apartment inspection whether you are buying or live in an old or new construction.

              Being an owner of a condominium in New York and receiving my own inspection, I have realized just how important they are. I used a personal inspector that was recommended to me by a colleague and was very pleased with his service. I used Olympian Home, Condominium and Apartment Inspections (718) 833-1252.


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Olympians' co op, condominium and apartment inspection 718-833-1252

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