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Mold Inspection and Testing          New York

          In New York, mold inspection and testing is important to a homeowner to ensure safety from health hazards. In order for someone to understand this statement they must understand what mold is, where it comes from, how we can become exposed and what the symptoms are. Once you understand that, you must understand what mold inspection and testing are all about. After you have gathered all that information, you will understand the opening statement.

Mold is a fungus. Mold (mildew), mushrooms and yeast are all types of fungi. Fungi are found both indoors and outdoors. There are hundreds of different kinds of mold commonly found in the United States and Manhattan New York. Mold can be many different colors and may also look furry, slimy, or powdery. Certain molds have a musty, stale, or earthy odor. Damp humid places like bathrooms and basements is where mold usually prefers to grow.

In order to grow, mold needs food and water. Mold can grow anywhere there is water, high humidity, or damp conditions. The best temperature or climate for mold to grow is in warm temperatures and high humidity. Mold feeds on scum, leather, wood, paper, soap, wallpaper glue, fabric, sheetrock and many other surfaces.

You may become exposed to mold by breathing in mold particles if mold is disturbed or damaged. Another way to become exposed is to breathe in tiny spores, which are similar to seeds, which mold releases into the air. You can also touch mold and contaminate your skin. Mold may also be ingested by eating moldy or spoiled food, so check the expiration dates.

Common symptoms of mold exposure are congestion, runny nose, trouble breathing and a bad cough. Workers exposed to large amounts of mold on the job, such as farmers working with moldy hay, may experience more severe reactions to mold exposure. Some people are allergic to mold and exposure may cause or worsen asthma symptoms, hay fever or other such reactions. Symptoms usually disappear after the mold contamination is removed, but if you think you or your children have symptoms related to mold exposure, you should see a doctor immediately.

A Manhattan New York mold inspection is the most important initial step in identifying a possible mold contamination problem. In a mold inspection the extent of any mold growth and water damage should be visually assessed. The assessment is important in determining remedial strategies. Ventilation systems should also be visually checked for damp filters or damp conditions elsewhere in the system, and overall cleanliness. Sheetrock, ceiling tiles, cardboard, paper and other cellulosic surfaces should be inspected thoroughly. During a mold inspection bulk samples should be collected from visibly moldy surfaces by scraping or cutting materials with a clean tool into a clean plastic bag or surface samples should be collected by wiping a measured area with a sterile swab or by stripping the suspect surface with clear tape and a laboratory specializing in mycology is then consulted for specific sampling and delivery instructions.

Mold testing in the air may be necessary if the presence of mold is suspected but cannot be identified by a visual mold inspection. Mold testing may also be necessary if there is evidence from a mold inspection or sampling that the air is contaminated. If mold testing is performed, for comparative purposes, outside samples should be collected as well.

Mold inspection and testing is important to a homeowner to ensure safety from mold health hazards. Certainly you can now understand that statement and believe it as well as understand it. Who wants to get sick from mold? , not me. For that simple reason it is certainly important to have a mold inspection and mold testing performed for the New York residence where you and your family resides.


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Olympian Mold Inspection and Testing 718-833-1252

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