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New Construction Inspection


          Unfortunately buyers of new constructions often do not have their homes inspected by a professional licensed and certified inspector. There are many reasons for this error on the buyer's behalf. When buying a new construction the buyer spends a lot of money and believes a new construction inspection is an unnecessary added cost. Because a buyer was given a builder's one-year warranty for workmanship or any extended structural warranties, the buyer feels safe and is pacified. The buyer thinks the builder is a professional and has to live up to a certain reputation, which is not always the case. The builder may also reject the notion of another person's involvement with the sale of the new construction. Most buyers were not made aware that a new construction inspection is highly recommended when buying a new construction property. Lastly the buyer may believe that he or she may be able to keep up with the repairs as they come along in the future, not realizing the future is tomorrow.

            It's proper ethic to make all of the parties, involved with the sale of the new construction, aware of all the inspections you intend to have performed and the dates of the inspections, if you have already made them. The builder may try to dissuade you from hiring your own licensed inspector by stating that the city inspections will be conducted. Do not falter in your decision; make the appointment. Once all the inspection dates are set, send an e-mail or hand-written memo to the builder and or agent detailing what is required for the new construction inspection and when it will be held, so all may be present. Of course you should also make the call and speak to the builder directly.  Make it clear that you need the new construction fully functional during the new construction inspection. Upon completion of the new construction inspection, speak to the builder on estimated time for repairs and give ample time for repairs to be completed before closing. If there are items that cannot be fixed before closing, and closing cannot be stalled any longer, ask the builder to sign a hand-written list of items to be repaired or completed. Check with your inspector on what he will inspect during the new construction inspection. Three most common new construction inspections are the foundation inspection, the pre-sheetrock inspection and the final inspection.

            A foundation inspection is an inspection of the layout as well as a check of the steel content, the depth of footings, the post tension cables and other parts of the foundation. In more complicated foundations, an engineer should review the construction as it progresses. Usually city inspectors only do an inspection of the layout to make sure the foundation is not overlapping building lines. During your new construction inspection ask the inspector to double check for overlapping and for a copy of the forms survey.

            In a the pre-sheetrock inspection inspector looks for broken plumbing lines, improper flashing, inadequate bracing, cut or bowed studs, beams that over-span their strength, AC ducts that are crushed and many more things. It is wise to get this inspection because the corrections will be easier to make before sheetrock and finish materials are installed.

            A final inspection is done when all facilities are up and running properly. The inspector conducts a thorough examination, checking for leaks, nonfunctional outlets, final grading of the lot, flashing problems, appliance operation, voids in mortar and other such things. At this time, feel free to point out any of your own observations during the new construction inspection. All parties should be present at the final inspection.

            In closing, it would be in the buyer's best interest to obtain his or her own licensed private inspector. The buyer needs to protect his or her own interest and always take procedures or steps to fully insure this. By making the appointment for your own inspection, you take the first step.


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Olympians' New Construction Inspection services 718-833-1252






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