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The Beverly Hills Real Estate Blog 7-4-13

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The Beverly Hills Real Estate Blog 7-4-13




The Beverly Hills Real Estate Blog 7-4-13


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July the Fourth.  Dodgers only 2-1/2 games back!


From First Tuesday


Melody, check out this week's news and tips!

July 1, 2013 Weekly News

The Bureau is here — click here for what you need to know!


The great gamble: real estate speculators decoded
Speculators saturate today's market. What role do they play, and why?


Orange County housing indicators
A regional update for Orange County agents!


Press Release: Buyer purchasing power index goes negative
Is the window of opportunity closing?


first tuesday's quarterly economic forecast: Q3 2013
Check up on home prices, the jobs recovery, and the licensee population.


Running the numbers on immigration
Poll: What kind of impact will immigration reform have on the California housing market?
Could immigration reform give a positive jolt to the current housing market?


Weekly Statistical Update
This week: The ability to purchase hinges on rates


FARM Letters


FARM Letter: The buzz about LED bulbs
Encourage potential clients to make the Earth, their wallet, and even their living room just a bit greener!


Other News


A speculator by any other name…
What's the difference between a speculator and an investor? And which one is impacting the market now?


Purchase option enforceable when made compliant with Subdivision Map Act (SMA)
A recent case decision from California's Court of Appeals.


The votes are in: rents are still surging
But when will they dip?


Video: All-cash buyers winning the war in Calif.’s booming housing market
Buyers face off against speculators.


Form of the Week
This week: The nonresidential single-tenant gross lease and ADA disclosures.


Tips and Opinions

Weekly Tip: Reconsider the "old standard"
Many purchase agreements contain attorney fees and arbitration provisions. Together, these provisions can cost your client money — not save it!


Comment of the Week
"A contract is really only as good as the people behind it. In tight economies and inventive times, change is inevitable. Maybe C.A.R. should get innovative and get moving to create a brotherhood of business partners instead of milking agent cows until they collapse." -Richie on Airing CAR’s laundry — dirty forms


You're closer than you think
Most agents are only 90 days away from passing the state licensing exam. Enroll in broker licensing courses today and be your own boss by autumn!


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I have to let my husband know that the Dodgers are only 2 1/2 back!  He went to the games in the coliseum back in '58.  I still hear about that today! ;-/ Happy 4th!

Jul 04, 2013 04:28 AM