Kingston home sales report for June, 2013

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Kingston home sales report for June, 2013

10 Nobadeer, Kingston 

10 single-family homes sold in Kingston in June

The average LISTING price was $346,000.

The average SALES price was $337,000.
    - Average = total prices / number of homes

The median listing price was $340,000.

The median sales price was $332,000.
    - Median = the home halfway down the list

The average number of days on market was 41.

The average price paid per square foot was $188.

Look how close the sales prices are to the last listing price before the sale. Properly priced homes are selling for about 98% of their asking price.

There are 93 single-family homes on the market in Kingston today. That's lower than average, and emphasizes quality homes for sale. There's now 9 months of inventory, and 19 new properties came on the market in June. With 10 sales in June, that means there's more inventory now than there was at the beginning of the month.

The big news last month was the spike in mortgage interest rates. Instead of thinking that rates are "in the 3 percent range", we are suddenly talking about rates in the 4 1/2 percent range. That increases the monthly cost of a mortgage by 5-10%, and decreases buyers' purchasing power by about the same amount. Instead of being able to borrow $380,000, for example, the same monthly mortgage payment only gets you a $348,000 mortgage. That's a loss of purchasing power of $32,000.

In Kingston, buyers can often find the right option at the right price, though many homes are selling in the first few weeks after they go on the market.

Sellers, on the other hand, can readily sell their home now as long as the price gives buyers a good value compared to similar homes already on the market.

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