A Peek into the Amarillo TX Economy

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After finding an online presentation of an Amarillo, TX economy update by the City of Amarillo, I gathered several snapshots to highlight Amarillo's current economy.

This local sales tax snapshot shows how strong the Amarillo retails sectors are:

Amarillo Sales Tax - Allamarillohomes.com

This snapshot shows a large increase in hotel revenue:

Amarillo Hotel Occupancy - Allamarillohomes.com

This snapshot shows just how much Amarillo property value's have risen:

Amarillo Appraised Property Values - Allamarillohomes.com

This snapshot shows a wonderful property value growth in downtown Amarillo properties:

Amarillo Downtown Property Values - Allamarillohomes.com

This snapshot shows how unemployment in Amarillo is going down, down, down:

Amarillo Unemployment Rates - Allamarillohomes.com

This snapshot shows the quality of life in Amarillo, TX:

Amarillo Quality of Life - Allamarillohomes.com

This snapshot shows Amarillo's economic strength - and it's strong:

Amarillo Economic Strength - Allamarillohomes.com

The next few snapshots show what types of strong employment are available in Amarillo, TX:

Amarillo Employment Summary - Allamarillohomes.comAmarillo Employment Summary - Allamarillohomes.comAmarillo Employment Summary - Allamarillohomes.com

The conclusion to the presentation shows that Amarillo is enjoying a strong financial standpoint in the state of Texas and with larger cities around the US. Current sales tax, property values, building permits and more show just how strong the Amarillo, TX economy is.

This Amarillo economy information is brought to you by: Tom Kile - your real estate resource for Amarillo, TX and surrounding communities.

Note: Each photo was acquired from the City of Amarillo's online presentation for the Amarillo Economy and each photo is linked to the presentation itself.

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