Scottsdale Vacation Rentals...Tips and Tricks

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Scottsdale Vacation Rentals...Tips and Tricks


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Scottsdale Vacation Rentals...Tips and Tricks



 Can you believe it's already that time of year again? What time of year you ask? Well, Scottsdale vacation rentals for the fall and winter season are already being reserved by folks from places like Canada, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, etc.! I can see why; who wouldn't want to get away from the freezing weather and spend the holidays in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ walking around in shorts and sandals. There are a lot of options out there for Scottsdale vacation rentals. So how do you land your piece of the pie so to speak? Knowing how to look is just as important as where to look when it comes to Scottsdale vacation rentals.






 First you must know your time frame before you even start your rental search i.e. when do plan to arrive in Scottsdale down to the day you plan to leave. Landlords are most likely going to give you the home to rent over another person if you are willing to "lock in" dates that you'll be staying from the very beginning. Also, being willing to be flexible with your location can really help with availability and pricing. If you have to have a vacation rental in a specific subdivision in Scottsdale have your agent stay in close communication with the landlord so they know exactly when the home will be available for reservation. You can also offer to pay for your entire stay in advance, making your reservation more attractive. Remember CASH is king. Finally, make a list of your must haves like access to a pool, the golf course, a fitness center, etc. This simple take will shorten your search and open up more opportunity to find the right Scottsdale vacation rental much sooner than other snowbirds searching for rentals in Scottsdale. 






 On a final note stay where you like! If you don't like the area once you've arrived then chances are you didn't do enough homework. You can easily check out a neighborhood, community, or entire zip code for that matter very with online tools like our Market Insider Page. If knowing the crime rates, the proximity of the closest golf course, the number of restaurants, gas stations, banks, etc. in any given area is important to you then spend the time to do the research and you'll find you'll have a fabulous experience you'll want to repeat again and again. Happy house hunting!

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Sharon Lord
Maracay Homes - Peoria, AZ
New Home Advisor

Will - great tips for anyone looking to winter in Scottsdale!  The good rentals do book well in advance, don't procrastinate!

Jul 08, 2013 07:37 AM