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A proven free tool that sells listings 26% faster is a no brainer for real estate agents.  Why is it a no brainer?  If you are on a listing appointment and giving your presentation and ask the sellers the question "would you like me to implement a tool that that has proven itself to aid in selling listed homes 26% faster than homes not using it?"  Will they say no?  Not likely. 

Most home owner's prefer to sell their homes fast and for top dollar.  In order to sell quickly and receive the best offer, you must create demand.  Demand today is crazy for properties but it might not always be high for certain your properties.  So, to ensure demand is high, one must market, market, market.  Once exposure captures the attention of multiple buyers, then multiple offers are received.  This drives offer prices higher and you become the hero to your clients.  All of this is common sense in the industry but you'd be amazed at the number of agents out there not using many tools that make you an industry expert. 

MLS gives you access to this system and it is known as Rate Plug.  You can sign up and it is completely free for you and hands off if you are currently using FMLS and/or GAMLS.


  1. Sign up using your name and MLS ID.  Get it now!
  2. Rate Plug is embedded into the MLS system that you use to search and send property reports to your home buyers.  When you or other agents send your MLS property reports to customers, they will now have access to accurate, interactive mortgage product and payment information specific to each property. The payment information is based on up to date interest rates from your lender of choice and includes property taxes, assessments, and home owner’s insurance estimations. Within 24 hours, your lender's rates and program payment comparisons appear at the bottom of your listings.  This allows potential buyers to play "what if scenarios" with your particular listing.  On average, a buyer will spend approximately 6 minutes longer looking over YOUR listing and imagining themselves buying this property and paying the monthly payments.  This is called sticky content and has a psychological effect! 

If you have a lender partner, then let them know you want them to use it.  They cover the cost so that it is free for you.  However, if you do not have a partner and would still like to utilize this tool, then you can sign up and you will be assigned a random lender.  The financing calculator is what provides the benefit of keeping prospects looking at your listing longer than other listings without it. 

Not convinced?

2011 Study Results

The studies looked at 49,775 real estate transactions in 7 major marketplaces in the U.S. (San Diego, Chicago, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Rhode Island).   The data was derived from Agents that are Active with RatePlug and Agents who are not Active with RatePlug in order to determine the Total # of Days between List date and Contract date.  The data included Single Family homes, Townhomes and Condominiums.

The above study is just for the East Coast.  Real Estate Agents that are currently implementing Rate Plug and not paying a dollar are selling their listings an average of 26.58% faster than agents that are not using it.  Also, there are other features such as custom flyers that can include financing flyers.  Its completely up to you.

So, why wouldn't you be using it?  Sign up below and add this instant free tool to your listings, your marketing, and to your listing presentations.  Hey, why not even brag that you have a proven way to sell all of your listings faster.


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