Legacy Point Subdivision--Pineville La Neighborhoods

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Legacy Point Subdivision--Pineville La Neighborhoods

Legacy Point Subdivision

Searching for luxury homes in Pineville La? If so, Legacy Point Subdivision should be on your radar. Great location, fine homes, and Pineville School zones all make this neighborhood a popular choice.

Legacy Point Market Report

In the past year, homes have sold within this neighborhood. With an average sales price of 244,000 dollars, Legacy Point is one of the most exclusive subdivisions in Pineville. Are homes in Legacy Point popular with consumers? Consider the average days on market. Over the past year, the average time on market is only 16 days. That's not a typo, literally just over two weeks marketing time! Of course every home is unique, but such numbers point to a strong neighborhood.

Home for sale in Pineville Louisiana

Buying a home in Legacy Point Subdivision

  1. Get Pre-approved BEFORE looking at homes. Make sure your home buying budget matches your expectations
  2. Find your dream home in Legacy Point
  3. Write an offer based on what has SOLD, not what is for sale
  4. Home inspection, appraisal, title work, get the keys!

Selling a home in Legacy Point Subdivision

  1. Fix what is broken, replace what is missing
  2. Tweak the home's curb appeal
  3. Clean from top to bottom, don't be afraid to hire a professional cleaner
  4. Eliminate any odors from the home. Don't smoke in the home or outside near the entrance
  5. Base your price on what has sold, not on what is for sale
  6. Call Doug Rogers (318) 613-1994 or click Pineville La Real Estate for more information

Can I get a home for pennies on the dollar in Legacy Point?

Everyone wants a bargain. Why pay six dollars for a burger when the other restaurant is selling them for five? Home buying is no different. Nobody wants to overpay. But let's consider value for a moment. Would you REALLY want to live in an area where homes are selling for pennies on the dollar? Me either. Though we cannot predict the future, homes in Legacy Point have historically held their value, even during the Great Recession.

What makes Legacy Point Subdivision Great

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Beth Atalay
Cam Realty and Property Management - Clermont, FL
Cam Realty of Clermont FL

Hello Doug, I wouldn't even want to drive in an area where homes are selling for pennies on the dollar!

Jul 09, 2013 07:08 AM