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Best Real Estate Training in St. LouisWho offers the best real estate training in St. Louis?  Gary Keller describes Keller Williams Realty as a "Training and Coaching company that just happens to be in real estate."  As the CEO/Team Leader at Keller Williams Realty Saint Louis, I see Keller's quote come alive each and every day.

For 10 years, I owned a successful boutique real estate company.  We did a great job serving our clients and our business prospered.  And then, we hit a big, brick wall.  We hit a ceiling of achievement that we couldn't get past. I dusted off my copy of Keller's bestseller, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, and started implementing the principles that this book describes.  My business began to grow again.  And, eventually, I realized that rather than keep my nose constanlty in the MREA book, I might as well affiliate with Keller Williams.  

I chose the Keller Williams Realty Saint Louis office partly because of it's proximity to ALL of St. Louis county/city.  As it's located on Manchester Road between Lindbergh and Highway 270, it's in the heart of the city.   And I also chose this office because it offers the best real estate training in St. Louis.  

Fast-forward a few years... I now lead KWStL and I handle the majority of the training and consulting.  A teacher at heart -- I used to teach high school and college-level physices -- I am passionate about communicating Keller's simple principles and seeing people grow and become more successful.  And we're getting results.  We recently published our year-over-year stats showing that while the St. Louis market is up about 18% this year, our team has grown by an astonishing 37%.  We're training our people to OUTPERFORM the St. Louis market.  

We offer daily in house training for new agents and experienced agents alike.  We also offer online training through Keller Williams University.  Finally, we offer one-on-one coaching for those looking for additional help. 

For more information about how we can turn your career around, or help you get one started, please contact me at 314.677.6356 or shoot me a email at or visit my website at  We are confident that we have the best real estate training in St. Louis -- let us show you.  

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