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Working with home buyers in Windsor is a lot different then when working with home buyers in Toronto. For one, they are much more loyal, it seems so far, from my brief experience as well as from talking with other Windsor Realtors. Just other day when sold one my listings on Brimley, the realtor for the buyer had told me he never had his clients sign a Buyers Agency Agreement. This shocked me because this was the one document that you were told to have signed before even showing a home buyer a home. Maybe it's because people are more loyal in Windsor; your word carries a lot more weight then compared to your word in Toronto. I really don't know, but knowing that you are working for someone, and not having to pressure them to sign a contract just so they will work for you, takes a lot of pressure off.first-time-home-buyers-7

When working with home buyers in Toronto, you never knew if they were going to just have you show them some homes and then leave you the next day to go look at homes with another agent. It would be great if this never happened, but it does, and in the eyes of a Realtor, it stings a bit because you have already put the time and effort in to scheduling showings, looking at properties to find ones they might be interested in, driving to meet them, and then they go elsewhere after.

When working with home buyers in Windsor, this does happen, however, it seems not as much, and when you do meet potential clients who you really click with, its great knowing they appreciate your service and will continue to work with you even though they are not under contract. Now, I could go into further discussion about why it is very wise to be under contract when looking to buy a home with a Windsor Realtor, however I will save that for my next post, as they are many benefits to working in a client relationship versus a customer relationship (sneak peek; client confidentiality). I even have a great flyer that I hand to potential Windsor home buyers upon meeting them for the first time that explains the differences of working under a client relationship compared to a customer relationship.

In the end, I look forward to working with many Windsor home buyers going forward. As it is in almost every industry or job, it's a numbers game, and the more people you meet who are looking to buy a home, the more people who will want to work with you.

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