Scripts for Realtors to Close for an Appointment

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Scripts for Realtors to Close for an AppointmentA good Realtor, and, really, any good salesperson, must have good scripts to close for an appointment.  Blake, from 1992's Glengarry Glen Ross and played by Alec Baldwin, talked about the ABC's of real estate:  Always Be Closing.  And, while I don't endorse all of Blake's methods (you know what I mean if you've seen the movie), I do agree with this point.  The reality, though, is that most Realtors haven't mastered the use of scripts to close for an appointment

So, during a conversation with a potential client, they move towards the point where they should close for the appointment, but they never acutually close.  Or, they make one attempt to close when, in reality, most potenial clients need to be closed multiple times before they actually say yes.

As I train agents each day at Keller Williams Realty Saint Louis, I focus a lot of my energy on using good scripts to help our agents accomplish their goals and their clients goals.  We teach a great class called IGNITE:  Skills to Spark a Great Career.  The class was developed by Keller Williams Realty International and is available online for KW agents at the Keller Williams University.  

From Ignite, take a look at these great scripts for Realtors to close for an appointment:


  1. The Hard Close: Let’s meet!

  2. The Soft Close: I’ve really enjoyed visiting with you. When would you like to get together to discuss this further?

  3. The Direct Close: Can we meet today or would tomorrow be better?

  4. The Indirect Close: Would it be okay if I got you some information to look over and then we can meet to discuss?

  5. The Trial Close: I think you would agree that we have gone over enough today that meeting would be our next step?

  6. The Assumptive Close: It sounds like we should meet. I am available most times this week, so what works best for you?

  7. The Negative- Positive Close: Would you be offended if I asked if we could meet to go over this?

  8. The Take-Back Close: I’ve really enjoyed visiting with you. To be honest,I’m not sure if I can be of help or not,but I would be honored if we could meet to find out.

  9. The Tie-Down Close: Wouldn’t it make sense for us to meet in the next day or so?

  10. The Alternative Choice Close:What works better for you? Meeting today, sometime this afternoon, or tomorrow morning? 

If you're looking to grow your business, we can help you.  Keller Williams Realty Saint Louis offers the best training in the St. Louis metro area.  For more information about scripts for Realtors to close for an appointment, please contact Russ at 314.677.6356.  

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