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Setting the Stage

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Setting the Stage when you are selling your house.

When a client walks into a house through the front door, they are already making decisions on that home. If they see a house filled with clutter they know that they will have to do alot of cleaning and painting. But when they walk in and the house is clear of clutter and move in ready, they can see themselves in that house and enjoying all it has to offer.

If you are going to put your house on the market and want the best price for it, clean it up. Make sure the kitchen is gleaming, women really look at the kitchen in detail. Take everything off the counters except maybe one or two items. When the counters are clear they imagine more work space while they are cooking. Organize that pantry that you have been putting off for ever to clean.

Organize your closets, this is a good time to get rid of things you never wear, and later you won't have to move those items when your house sells. Make the closets look roomy even if that means you put stuff in the attic until you move.

Vacumn regularly and if the carpet is badly stained, replace it now, it will make the house show so much better. Why people leave disgustingly dirty carpet down when they are selling a house I will never understand, the buyer is going to ask that you replace it so do it now and that will be one less thing to worry about.

Clean, Clean, Clean those bathrooms. Who wants to even look at a bathroom that is dirty. Make them shine. By putting in that extra elbow grease you might get a higher price for your house.

You have to win over the buyer as soon as they walk through that door. There are many houses on the market for them to choose from and you want yours to stand out from the crowd.

I took a client to many houses, all were in need of repair and needed painting and carpet, then I took her to one that was move in ready, she bought it. She loved it from the moment she walked in. It had new carpet, paint and new appliances. There would be no work for her to do and she could just enjoy the house.