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Finding a home in Windsor, Ontario or in any city is much easier these days with the use of the internet. Because of this, many people wonder why they should use a realtor to help them find a home. I've heard this many times since starting my real estate career, in both Toronto and Windsor. "People can find their dream home on the internet on their own, so what did you do as a realtor"? This is a common question I get, and it just bugs me because there is much more to it then just finding the home. So you're probably wondering, what exactly, so here I will do my best to list exactly what a Realtor does when one does find their dream home.

So you found your dream home and you want to purchase it! So what happens next? Well, you have to write-up an offer to purchase this property (assuming you have been pre-approved). You can get a lawyer to do this (this is not always cheap and they are not working in your best interest as a realtor does), or you can do it yourself, and as I mentioned in a modular-home-designsprevious post, this takes time, and if time is at a minimum, using a Realtor can save you tons of time because they will handle the writing of an offer, the submission and any counter offers that may take place. "So that's it? You get a huge commission check just for that"? Well NO, as a Realtor, that's not it. Before we even submit the offer, we analyze and research other properties in the area to see what the home is worth that you are looking to buy. There is the looking up of all the details on the home, their is the insertion of the many clauses that we as Realtors have studied and use to protect our buyer clients. Furthermore, once we have finished writing the offer, we need to get all the signatures of the home buyers, and only then can we submit the offer to the seller.

This is when the fun starts, NEGOTIATING! As a Windsor Realtor, we know what the property is worth, and we know exactly what our buyer client is willing to spend, since we represent our buyer clients, we are working in their best interest. I state this point, because when you are looking for a home, and you think you'll save money by using the Listing Agent instead of working with a buyer agent, you most likely are not, because the listing agent is working for the seller, to get the most money for the seller. This is why when you are looking to buy a home in Windsor, you should hire a Realtor to represent you, because they will be working for YOU and will work to get the best possible price for YOU.

Once the negotiating is done and the offer is accepted (hopefully at a price that satisfies YOU), then it's off to filling out more paperwork, and getting more signatures, and more running around, trying to get everything put together.

What's most interesting is the money you can save when you use a Realtor to help you buy a home versus doing it on your own or using the listing agent. In my experience, I have seen people overbid on homes from anywhere to $5000 to $20000 in Windsor, ON. They figured they were getting a deal because they used the listing agent, or purchased the property on their own, but in reality, even though they figured they were saving a couple thousand on commission, it cost them more in the end.

So if you're looking to buy a home, use a Realtor who knows the market and who will be working for YOU. I help people buy homes every day and would love to help you find your dream home.

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