Homes For Sale In Bath, NC Priced Below $200,000

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Homes For Sale in Bath, NC Priced Below $200,000

We can help you will find your new home with our daily updated list of Homes For Sale in Bath, NC Priced Below $200,000.

Google Earth Overview of Bath, NCBath: The Oldest Incorporated Town in North Carolina

Bath, NC, a small community of about 250 residents in 2011, is located in eastern NC. It was incorporated in 1705, which makes it North Carolina's oldest town. Bath was originally settled by colonists from Virginia in the 1690s. These settlers were likely drawn to the area due to its water-access via the Pamlico Sound and Pamlico River.

This prominent water route established the town as a major player in the Carolina colony and destined Bath to become a town of "firsts" in our state. As was many times the case, the Bath settlers battled disease, political unrest, conflict with native Americans and even a bout with pirates. Feel free to go to our ABOUT BATH, NC page for a more complete brief history of this special town.

Bath, NC Today

St. Thomas Church: The Oldest Church Building In NCThe positive attributes that attracted settlers to Bath, NC over 300 years ago still call to modern day settlers from great distances. Recently, a research team at the Wall Street Journal picked the top 12 locals in the United States based on the desirability of the area regarding vacation home values. In our area, we are still very proud and excited that Bath/Beaufort County, NC was selected as the #1 best value in the nation.

It is also very easy to justify this honor when one looks at the various attributes. First, one of the most positive attributes is the vast amount of pristine waterfront. By water, Bath, NC is approximately 50 miles from Ocracoke Island via Bath Creek, the Pamlico River and Pamlico Sound.

The town of Bath is also one of the best elevated communities in the county, despite being almost surrounded by water. The town actually sits on a peninsula, with Bath Creek to the south and west and Back Creek to the east. Bath Creek also offers more depth for boaters than some of the other area creeks. Bath Harbor Motel and Marina sits at the foot of the bridge over Highway 92 on the west side of Bath. The owners are highly thought-of in this area.

Visitors and locals alike enjoy the slow, easy pace of this area where the primary industries are agriculture and fishing. The Bath School system is one of the most respected in the area. People in the area are always looking for homes in the Bath School District. Where Are The Vacation Homes Located?

Where are the vacation homes that were mentioned by the Wall Street Journal located?The Bonner House

The short answer is that they are all over the area. Nowhere in the Bath area is far from the water. Whether you are looking for a riverfront home, a creek front home, a home in the town, a home in the country or a building lot in any of these areas to add your dream home, you can find it here.

It's also just a short drive to Washington or Greenville. You will find that there is a good selection of homes for sale in Bath, NC priced below $200,000.

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Homes For Sale in Bath, NC Priced Below $200,000.

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