Laura’s Thoughts: Three Reasons to Use a Realtor (Specifically, Tara)

Real Estate Agent with Amerivest Realty

     As Tara's new assistant - and a past client - I thought I'd put together some of "My Thoughts" on the benefits of using a Realtor.  I've bought two houses and sold one – which hardly makes me an expert, but I’m going share my thoughts anyway...

     1.  Realtors are working for you! 

Realtors are legally obligated to represent YOU, and have your best interest in mind.  Treading the waters of the buying and selling world can be very overwhelming, and at times you will feel like you are drowning in information and numbers – Realtors make for a great life vest.  They are available to answer questions, calm nerves, and make sure you fully understand each aspect of the process.

     2.  Realtors have resources! 

Realtors have numerous search avenues, tools, networks, marketing power, and experiences that allow them to efficiently work for their clients.  I really couldn’t imagine trying to price, market, and search houses on my own.  I have worked for Tara for nearly 6 months and, for example, I have no idea how she does a CMA (or what CMA even stands for – Comparison Market something or other?).  All I know is that it involves a lot of paper, red ink pens, two calculators, and multiple iced coffees. 

3.  Being a Realtor is a full-time job! 

Buyers and sellers already have jobs and/or other commitments that consume their time.  Realtors spend all day (and if you’re Tara – well into the night) working for their clients.  They are available to talk with lenders and other agents, coordinate with title companies, assist with inspections, price, and market your home – all while you get to focus on the things that you do best.

Look for more of my thoughts (shared via Tara's blog) in the future.

Tara Winfield approves this message:)