IS Reesio A Better Transaction Management Solution for List-to-Close?

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Reesio - Workflow Solutions from List-to-Close


I'm always on a search mission to find out what is HOT, what is NOT, new gadgets to refer to clients, and bad gadgets they must avoid, what's in and what's out, and more. My research covers many products, provider, vendors, and companies. After all, we should all aim to work SMARTER and not HARDER!

This is one of many series to come of my"Online REPA Personal Picks!

While there are many programs on the market and many will change over time, so will my picks, it's part of the human makeup to decision-making and choices. The software my company use to processing listings and closings is based on the client's need and their software of choice. If without a preference, I make recommendations based on the clients business model.

Reesio, Carolyn Nelson, Online REPA,Transaction ManagementReesio is not new to the market nor is it new for delivering useful tool to the industry. However, the developers of Reesio recently rolled out their new business model designed to bring workflow solutions from list-to-close for real estate brokers and agents.

Design - I must say, the design of the home page alone is what I consider, "I Candy." The layout, colors and presentation is one of the most attractive and inviting layouts i have seen to date and is one I would consider as being designed with the different levels of viewers in mind, visually.

Sign up - The sign-up process is simple and quick. It does not leave you wondering what is next. The sign-up consists of four fields, read the terms, and submit. That's it!

Reesio comes with three levels of subscribers,Reesio, Carolyn Nelson, Online REPA,Transaction Management

  1. Broker
  2. Agent
  3. Transaction Coordinator

The broker account is designed for the brokerage and each agent will set-up his or her account throught he brokerage and NOT individually. This is a must in order to have all agent information accessible by the Broker-in-Charge and the Manager. It's simple!

The independent agent account is designed for the independent agent whose broker does not require a master account or for the agent under a brokerage firm without the need of a master account.

The transaction coordinator account is designed with me in mind and those that provide independent contract services to real estate professionals. Indepentent transaction coordinator are those that provide services as independent coordinators, virtual assistants, remote assistants, etc. This is the tool I use for agents that do not hae the time or do not have the desire to get involve with the mechanics of the process, only the end results.....a successful closing!

What are the key points I like about Reesio?

  1. Easy user interface and access for the buyer and seller.
  2. Easy access for the client, agents, title, broker, and lendeReesio, Carolyn Nelson, Online REPA,Transaction Managementr.
  3. Quick property setup. The property setup function is quick, simple and very easy with only a few simple steps.
  4. List-to-Close - Take your property from list to close. REO brokers and agents can begin the process from the assignment phase through closing using the tasking workflow to manage the requirements.
  5. The Transaction Dashboard shows each property with a file number, contacts, property address, and to avoid clutter, each property is displayed in a overall category tab (Open, Archived, Flagged, or All).
  6. You can narrow down your selection by further identifying the status of the property,
  7. The Workflow (Tasking) setup is very easy and is designed with the option to apply multiple workflows to a single property. This feature is ideal for REO brokers and agents as they progress through the property requirements once the property has been assigned by the asset company or bank.
  8. The workflow feature allows you to add tasks on the fly.
  9. Workflow Reminder - Workflow reminder are emailed on a daily basis to the individual(s) assigned to the task.
  10. Activity - The activity function works great for those that want the auditing feature in a reliable transaction mangement program to reduce liability. This is a great Risk Management feature to have!
  11. Documents - When the file is named properly, you can easily find the documents you need. This is necessary with all programs and processes involving filing. The Reesio PDF Only document section shows the document name, sharing status and the uploaded date. You will get the option to indicate during the uploading process if the document is pending signatures, has been signed, or if the document does not require the other previous options. The image of the user listed on the shared document will be display on the document item line. This brings me to the next feature that I like, eSignatures.
  12. Reesio integrates with Docusign - to make the process much easier and quicker, documents can be sent to the buyers and seller from Reesio. Also, Docusign is a part of the program at NO additional cost!!!
  13. Notes - If you are a sticker like me for note, updates, etc., you will love this section. You can post pdates on the go to keep everyone up-to-date.
  14. Messages -  Do you have the need to email file information to other transaction parties and have their response added back into the program without copying and pasting? Each message comes with a link allowing the recipient to reply hence, sending the reply back to the file.
  15. Android Compatiable - I've tested on the phone and Asus, It works GREAT!
  16. Price - The price is right! The cost is $195.00 per year unlimited transactions. PRICE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME


 If you don't believe me, take a test drive before you buy! If you would like a free live demo, contact me via email.

 For a quick overview of the setup process, take a look at Reesio's Video



This review is based on my review and current use of Reesio. Please review the software, ask questions, and determin if this program will meet your business structure and of course, financial pocket.


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