Tax Rolls Open

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This year is already zooming on by as we've hit the middle of July and thoughts of 2014 are already creeping on our mind as this years tax rolls are opening in the region. This is where you get a chance to view in your respective parish what your property taxes will be for the upcoming year.

According to the Louisiana state constitution, each parish has to hold their tax rolls open for 15 working days. Each parish has different dates when you can view the rolls. Orleans Parish will be open from now until August 15th. You should contact your local parish assessor to find out when the rolls will be open in your corresponding parish. Don't wait until the last minute because lines will be extremely long for disputes as the deadlines near.

Please note that this is the only time that you will be able to dispute your bills for the 2014 property taxes. It is too late once you receive your tax bill, so find out now to avoid any sticker shock.

Assessors do make mistakes, so it is important that you don't slight your self any money that could have been prevented by taking the appropriate measures.

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