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Beautiful Homes Near Glen Eagle Golf Course in Syracuse UT

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Beautiful Homes Near Glen Eagle Golf Course in Syracuse UT


Why Do People Live Here?Homes for sale near Glen Eagle Golf Course in Syracuse UT

Residents love the open peaceful feel of the lovely area near Glen Eagle Golf Course in Syracuse UT. With homes ranging from the spectacular to the affordable, the area beckons with sights and sounds of nature. Convenient to schools and shopping, the home town atmosphere soothes the soul.


Looking for a Home Near Glen Eagle Golf Course? 

Interested in homes for sale near Glen Eagle Golf Course? Click the link to see all the homes currently available in this area of Syracuse Utah.


What's the Neighborhood like? 

The majority of homes currently available in this area of Syracuse are later model homes built since 2000. Home styles vary, including everything from great ramblers to amazing 2 stories, and offering a range of bedrooms anywhere from 3 to 7. Some are located immediately adjacent to Glen Eagle Golf Course, and some are set back a ways. Many of the lots in the area are about one quarter of an acre, with a few being quite a bit larger, and a smattering being smaller, so there is plenty of elbow room, so to speak.


What's Happening Near the Neighborhoods around Glen Eagle Golf Course? 

Well . . . Golf, of course! But really, there are other attractions in the area. Antelope Island being one of them. Enjoy both the historic aspects of this famous island, along with the amazing bird paradise that it represents, as massive flocks of migratory birds find refuge along their journey right here. Syracuse has that wonderful home town feel, and offers special community events, such as the annual Heritage Days celebration, which has included a wide variety of events starting with the Chalk Art Festival Kick, and continuing with Carnival Rides, Youth Baseball Games, a 5k Run and Walk, Parade, Fireworks and much more! Learn much more about the area including shopping, banking, restaurants, places of worship, attractions and more by visiting our website.


What Schools are Nearby? 

There are a number of schools in the area, including Lakeside Elementary School, Syracuse Arts Academy and Syracuse Junior High. When you look at specific homes for sale in the area, be sure to notice the school information located on the right hand side of the web page in our site.


Now You Are Really Interested in the Area Near Glen Eagle Golf Course, Right? 

To see a full list of homes near Glen Eagle Golf Course, visit our site. You will find all the currently available homes in this area of Syracuse UT.








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