Wellness Center in Freehold

Real Estate Sales Representative with Keller Williams West Monmouth

I recently was able to check out the new wellness center  attached to Centra State Hospital in Freehold Township.

 My mother is a member and was given a two week pass that she let me use . I have to say--IT WAS REALLY AWESOME! I am not usually a fan of gyms, but this place had something for everyone. Treadmills and ellipticals as far as the eye could see (with T.V.s you could plug your own headphones into).

Tons of great classes , like boxing ,Pilate's,yoga,etc.etc.etc.  The facilities were clean and well kept, plenty of space to move around,and some really nice people.

Plus it did not feel like a fashion show or the I am hotter than you game.--Although there were a lot of very hot people there (sweaty and otherwise)

They also seem to have a lot of knowledgeable people working ,as well as being genuinely nice. If you check it out I will not be there as my life is very full at the moment [I will continue to work out at home though] But when my dust settles I would love to go back.---anyway, I wanted to give anyone thinking about checking it out my opinion. Also the location is great for a lot of Monmouth County to get to as it is close to Route 9 and Route 33.

Hope that was helpful and no I do not have any affiliation with them. -----Oh I almost forgot to mention the pool!

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