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A day in the life of a Windsor Realtor, or for any realtor across the world, most likely can not be summed up in one day because every day brings something new. It has been over a year now since I began my career as a real estate agent, first as a Toronto Realtor, now currently as a Windsor Realtor. And what I did on a daily basis in Toronto, is still different on what I do on a daily basis in Windsor and Essex County.

One nice thing is the driving with living in Windsor compared to Toronto. It now doesn't take me an eat froghour to meet a potential client, and another 30 minutes to actually to get into the house or condo (due to the fact there is absolutely no where to park in Toronto). However, minus this fact, and many others, the daily task list of being a Windsor Realtor changes every day. Now, mind you, you definitely want to have a daily routine, where you Eat that Frog first thing in the morning, however, in a matter of seconds, your daily routine can have a wedge thrown into it by a single phone call or email. The best phone calls or emails are the ones where someone is interested in one of your listings and wants to buy it, or someone saw a flyer or another advertising medium of yours and wants you to help them find you a house. However, those rarely happen. Usually its people who are interested in your listing, or a listing that you are advertising, they want to see the house, and want you to meet them there now. Unfortunately, people who call or email you like this, you will show them the house and never see them again. 95% of the time, that house they wanted you to show them, to take your time to drive across the city and let them in, is not the house for them. Yet, we do this time and time again in hopes that they are tired of calling up every listing agent for the home they like and will be willing to work with you so that you can find them a house.

From a Windsor Real Estate Agents point of view, it just makes more sense. It is time-consuming to call up every listing agent for the homes you like in a particular neighborhood, and trying to schedule to see them. When you work with a Windsor Realtor, they send you all the listings and the ones your interested in viewing, you tell him, and the Realtor will book appointments to see the home, when its convenient for you. However, trying to educate buyers on this process is not as easy as it sounds. People are always looking to save a buck, and figure that if they use the listing agent to buy the home, they are going to save themselves money, because the listing agent will lower their commission. But, the listing agent is working for the seller, so even though the commission is lower, they are still working to get the highest price possible, which in the end, and my quick chart below shows, doesn't actually SAVE you money.

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