Watering Restrictions & Summer Concerts

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Summer temperatures have been here for a while so keep in mind there are watering restrictions in effect. Did you know that just one hour of sprinkling per week is all that most yards need? Most municipals restrict residential watering to early mornings as it is when the least amount of water used on lawns will evaporate. Here are a few local restrictions for you.

Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Port Moody, Pitt Meadows & Maple Ridge are all the in effect from June 1st to September 30th and all share the same watering schedules, as follows: 

  • Even numbered addresses Monday, Wednesday & Saturdays from 4am-9am
  • Odd numbered addresses Tuesday, Thursday & Sundays from 4am-9am


Some water conserving tips for you are as follows:

  • Leave your grass clippings on your lawn to reduce evaporation.
  • After using/playing in a small kiddie pool, re-use the water by draining it in the garden to keep your plants hydrated.
  • Use a faucet timer so you don’t have to wake up to turn on the sprinkler at 4am! These can be purchased from a store such as Home Depot from $20 and up.


Looking for something local to do this weekend? This summer there are free “Summer Sunday Concerts” at Rocky Point Park on the PCT Performance Stage. This weekend Sunday July 21st enjoy Groove n Tonic, Vancouver’s funkiest party band (a blend of R&B/Funk/Pop). For more details check out the Summer Sundays website.


Hope everyone is enjoying the summer! I’d love to hear how its going or what special plans you have coming up!

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