Yuba City Crime Rate

Yuba City Realtor and Yuba City Area Specialists Mike & Jennifer Rigley here, bringing you the latest Yuba City Real Estate Information onthe crime rate in Yuba City.

If you’re thinking of moving to Yuba City or maybe you already live there, crime is an important factor of where you live or choose to live. Sometimes when we think of crimes we only filter out the obvious, murder and robbery. But the word crime is actually covers a wide range of things, larceny, assault, rape etc. The national average for each type of crime equals a score of 100. Anything over 200 would be double the risk and a score of 50 would be half the risk. As we look at the graph we can see that Yuba City is not too high over the national average but burglary, larceny and MV theft score about 110-115 which is still over the average. However, if we look at assault In Yuba City, it scores just under 200 causing assault to be double the National average. And oddly enough, it levels out the overall crime risk score which is just under the National average. All in all we’d say Yuba City is a pretty nice place to live.

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